Getting started can sometimes be a bit daunting, so we've created a system that makes taking this first step very SIMPLE and EASY!

It's called the:

The Consultation includes the following:  

Introduction & Information Meeting

An Introduction and Information discussion, where we get to know each other, go over everything that will happen during the Fitness Consultation and answer any initial questions you may have.

Your Goals

Here we discuss exactly what it is you're looking achieve. Everybody is different and we all have different goals, aims and limitations. So, here we discuss what YOU want and don't want to achieve.

The Club Tour

Once we've determined what your Goals are we can take a Tour of the Club. Here you'll get to see all the equipment and facilities available, we'll show what areas will best help you achieve your goals and you can even try different pieces of equipment to see what you like and don't like. 

Design Your Fitness Plan

The final stage of the Fitness Consultation is to bring everything together in an effective Fitness Plan that'll suit you, while at the same time giving you the best stratergy to achieve your goals, and to achieve them in the fastest time possible.

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